Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Blog!

My house in Faratsiho. My laundry area is the concrete circle to the right

The front room of my house

 The back room/bedroom of my house

 My kabone (bathroom) and outdoor ladosy (shower), which I never used

 My CEG (Middle School)

My Lycee (High School)

 My world map (with Katie)

 The kilometer markers in Madagascar. Yes they do look like grave markers

 The main street in my town

Romeo, my site mates adorable next door neighbor 

 The entrance to Antsirabe's market

 The barrels of rice at the Antsirabe market

 The streets of Antsirbe, my banking town

My host family in Mantasoa

Famadihana, the turning of the bones ceremony, in Mantasoa

A group of us at swearing in

Waterfall in Ranomafana

The beach in front of our hotel at Ile St Marie

 Humpback whales! Ile St Marie

Beach at Ile St Marie

Ramena Beach up north, by Deigo

Ramena Beach

Grand Hotel, Diego

The guest house I stayed in while I taught in Diego

Sugar Loaf island, in Diego harbor. This island is on the 100ariary bill

Goats eating in a cemetary

The University of Diego student housing.

Pretty starfish, Ramena Beach

Ramena Beach, me, good time

Cows on their way to market

 Lemur in a tree

Black and white lemur in a tree

 Ringtail lemurs in a tree

The stare down

 Ringtail lemurs on the ground

 My parents and I at Isalo, a national park in the southwest of the country

The natural spring at Isalo


The beach at Ifaty, on the southwest coast

A Baobab in Mahajunga, in the north

The beach at Mahajunga

Sunset in Mahajunga

The pool in Mahajunga

How cars got on and off our ferry on the way to the Tsingy

The Tsingy

The Tsingy

Me on a bridge in the Tsingy

Me in the Tsingy

The Lovers, 2 baobabs twisted together

The Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs with deforestation in action right behind them

Avenue of the Baobabs at sunset